International Myopia Conference 2022 Chaired by Prof. Caroline Klaver

March 19, 2021

Postponed for 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions for travelling and gathering, the 18th International Myopia Conference now has a new date and location for 2022.

The 18th International Myopia Conference will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from September 4th to 7th 2022. The 18th IMC will be hosted by the Erasmus Medical Center at the De Doelen, chaired by International Myopia Institute Committee Leader (Myopia Genetics) and Member, Professor Caroline Klaver.

“The 2022 International Myopia Conference will focus on fostering collaborations, connections and political actions required to place myopia at the top of the global health agenda, with the ultimate aim to prevent blindness from myopia in the generations to come,” said Professor Klaver.

“We look forward to creating a unique forum for knowledge exchange, and will make a strong effort to connect vision and basic scientists to clinical experts and policy makers. Myopia’s broad spectrum of causes and consequences necessitate a comprehensive panel of experts to elucidate mechanisms, define targets for therapy, and help solve current clinical dilemma’s.”

2022 International Myopia Conference

4th – 7th September, 2022

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

De Doelen: 

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