Rafael Iribarren

Rafael Iribarren



  • MD


Dr Rafael Iribarren is an Ophthalmologist specialising in refractive errors, with a keen interest in improving the understanding of the principal causes of need for refractive correction (myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia).

Rafael has performed prevalence studies of refractive error in Argentina, and has collaborated in the calculation of crystalline lens power for studies in countries around the world (Norway, China, Singapore, USA, India and Iran). He hass been following both clinical and basic research on myopia for the last 20 years, and has begun treatment of progressive myopia in children and adolescents, using dilute atropine drops.

Rafael studies risk factors for myopia development, such as outdoor exposure and reading or computer use habits. He is also researching the contribution of crystalline lens power in myopia and hyperopia.

Rafael’s research looks at eye growth from infancy to adulthood, to understand how normal vision is achieved, and how presbyopia and cataracts develop.

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