Advisory Board

Executive Leadership

Professor Serge Resnikoff, PhD, MD

Chair, International Myopia Institute
Conjoint Professor, University of New South Wales
Chair, Our Children’s Vision
President & Chair, Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité

Dr Nina Tahhan, PhD, MPH, GradCertOcTher, BOptom(hons)

Program Director, International Myopia Institute
Director of Clinical Research, Brien Holden Vision Institute
Senior Conjoint Lecturer, School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales


Defining and Classifying Myopia

Prof. Ian Flitcroft (Chair)

Taskforce members:

  • Prof. Kyoko Ohno-Matsui
  • Prof. Lawrence Yannuzzi
  • Prof. Jost Jonas
  • Prof. Jugnoo Rahi
  • Prof. Serge Resnikoff
  • Dr. Monica Jong
  • Prof. Mingguang He
  • Prof. Kovin Naidoo
  • Dr. Susan Vitale

Interventions for Myopia Onset and Progression

Prof. Christine Wildsoet ((Chair)

Taskforce members:

  • Dr. Klaus Trier
  • Prof. Seang Mei Saw
  • Prof. Padmaja Sankaridurg
  • Dr. Jeff Walline
  • Prof. Jez Guggenheim
  • Prof. Audrey Chia Wei Lin
  • Prof. Pei-Chang Wu
  • Dr. Scott Read
  • Dr. Pauline Cho
  • Dr. Jan Polling

Clinical Myopia Control Trials and Instrumentation Report

Prof. James Wolffsohn (Chair)

Taskforce members:

  • Dr. David Berntsen
  • Dr. Alexandra Benavente
  • Dr. Takohiro Hiraoka
  • Dr. Scott Read
  • Dr. David Atchison
  • Dr. Takashi Fujikado
  • Dr. Hetal Buckhurst
  • Dr. Pete Kolbaum
  • Dr. Arthur Bradley
  • Dr. Debbie Jones
  • Dr. Hidemasa Torii
  • Dr. Michael Collins
  • Dr. Nicola Logan
  • Dr. Linda Lundstrom
  • Masakazu Hirota

Industry Guidelines and Ethical Considerations for Myopia Control

Prof. Lyndon Jones (Chair)

Taskforce members:

  • Dr. Fuen Vera-Diaz
  • Dr. Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubido
  • Dr. Timo Kratzer
  • Dr. Katrina Schmid
  • Prof. Jose Gonzales-Meijome
  • Dr. Stephanie Ramdass
  • Dr. Steve Newman
  • Prof. Jason Nichols
  • Dr. Bjorn Drobe
  • Dr. Lyle Gray
  • Prof. Donald Tan
  • Dr. Kah Ooi Tan
  • Dr. Arne Ohlendorf
  • Dr. Yee Ling Wong

Clinical Myopia Management Guidelines

Dr. Kate Gifford (Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Dr. Langis Michaud
  • Dr. Tom Aller
  • Dr. Pauline Kang
  • Dr. Kathryn Richdale
  • Prof. Carly Lam
  • Mr. Jeroen Mulder
  • Dr. Dirk Seidel
  • Dr. Kathryn Saunders
  • Dr. Maria Liu
  • Dr. Willem Tideman
  • Dr. Janis Orr
  • Prof. Kathy Rose

Experimental Models of Emmetropizationand Myopia

Prof. Earl Smith (Co-Chair)
Prof. David Troilo (Co-Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Prof. David Troilo
  • Prof. Siegfried Wahl
  • Dr. Lisa Ostrin
  • Dr. Kee Chea-su
  • Dr. Tim Gawne
  • Dr. Andrei Tkatchenko
  • Prof. Machelle Pardue
  • Dr. Regan Ashby
  • Dr. Debora Nickla
  • Dr. Jody Summers
  • Dr. Falk Schroedl

Myopia Genetics

Prof. Caroline Klaver (Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Dr. Virginie Verhoeven
  • Prof. Chris Hammond
  • Dr. Magda A. Meester-Smoor
  • Dr. Milly S. Tedja
  • Dr. Jaakko Kaprio
  • Dr. Annechien E.G. Haarman
  • Prof. David A. Mackey
  • Prof. Jeremy A. Guggenheim
  • CREAM Consortium

Harmonisation Committee

Prof. James Wolffsohn (Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Prof. Padmaja Sankaridurg
  • Prof. Serge Resnikoff
  • Prof. Earl L. Smith
  • Prof. Lyndon Jones
  • Prof. Kovin Naidoo
  • Dr. Kate Gifford
  • Dr. Monica Jong

Accommodation and Binocular Vision in Myopia Development and Progression

Dr. Nicola S. Logan (Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Dr. Hema Radhakrishnan
  • Dr. Fiona Cruickshank
  • Prof. Peter M. Allen
  • Mr. Praven K. Bandela
  • Prof. Leon N. Davies 
  • Prof. Satoshi Hasebe 
  • Dr. Safal Khanal
  • Assoc. Prof. Katrina Schmid
  • Dr. Fuensanta Vera-Diaz
  • Prof. James S. Wolffsohn

Risk Factors in Myopia

Prof. Ian Morgan (Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Dr. Amanda N. French
  • Dr. Jan W.L. Tideman
  • Prof. Rigmore Baraas
  • Prof. Weizhong Lan
  • Prof. Padmaja Sankaridurg
  • Assoc. Prof. Pei-Chang Wu
  • Prof. Seang Mei Saw
  • Prof. Kathryn A. Rose
  • Prof. Jez Guggenheim
  • Assoc. Prof. Jason Yam
  • Dr. Xiangui (Hedy) He
  • Dr. Lisa Ostrin

Impact of Myopia

Prof. Padmaja Sankaridurg (Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Dr. Nina Tahhan
  • Dr. Himal Kandel
  • Mr. Thomas Naduvilath
  • Dr. Haidong Zhou
  • Prof. Kevin D. Frick 
  • Dr. Srinivas Marmamula
  • Prof. David S. Friedman
  • Prof. Ecosse Lamoureux
  • Prof. Jill Keeffe
  • Prof. Jeffrey J. Walline
  • Mr. Tim Fricke 
  • Dr. Vilas Kovai
  • Prof. Serge Resnikoff

Pathologic myopia

Prof. Kyoko Ohno-Matsui (Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Prof. Pei-Chang Wu
  • Dr. Kenji Yamashiro
  • Mr. Kritchai Vutipongsatorn
  • Ms. Yuxin Fang
  • Prof. Chui Ming Gemmy Cheung
  • Prof. Timothy Y.Y. Lai
  • Prof. Yasushi Ikuno
  • Dr. Salomon Yves Cohen
  • Prof. Alain Gaudric
  • Prof. Jost B. Jonas

Prevention of Myopia and its Progression

Prof. Jost B. Jonas (Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Assoc. Prof. Marcus Ang
  • Prof. Pauline Cho
  • Prof. Jeremy A. Guggenheim
  • Prof. Ming Guang He
  • Dr. Monica Jong
  • Dr. Nicola S. Logan
  • Assoc. Prof. Maria Liu
  • Prof. Ian Morgan
  • Prof. Kyoko Ohno-Matsui
  • Adjunct. Prof. Olavi Pärssinen
  • Prof. Serge Resnikoff
  • Prof. Padmaja Sankaridurg 
  • Dr. Seang Mei Saw
  • Prof. Earl L. Smith III
  • Prof. Donald T. H. Tan
  • Prof. Jeffrey J. Walline
  • Prof. Christine F. Wildsoet
  • Prof. James S. Wolffsohn
  • Prof. Pei-Chang Wu
  • Dr. Xiaoying Zhu 

IMI 2021 Yearly Digest

Dr. Monica Jong (Co-Chair)
Earl L. Smith III (Co-Chair)

Taskforce Members:

  • Prof. James S. Wolffsohn 
  • Prof. Daniel Ian Flitcroft
  • Assoc. Prof. David A. Berntsen 
  • Ms. Danielle Clarkson-Townsend
  • Prof. Machelle T. Pardue 
  • Prof. Christine Wildsoet
  • Prof. Pauline Cho
  • Prof. Padmaja Sankaridurg
  • Assoc. Prof. Kathryn L. Richdale
  • Dr. Kate L. Gifford
  • Prof. Jost B. Jonas
  • Prof. Caroline Klaver
  • Prof. Virginie Verhoeven
  • Dr. Annechien Haarman
  • IMI Genetics Taskforce


Last November 2018 we hosted a very successful session at the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) in San Antonio, Texas, where we had the first preview of the long awaited white papers the IMI has been leading.

The session was attended by up to 400 people. The IMI brought together the following committee chairs, Professor Earl Smith (University of Houston), Professor Christine Wildsoet (UC Berkeley), Professor David Troilo (SUNY), Professor Ian Flitcroft (Mater Hospital, Dublin Institute of Technology), Professor James Wolffsohn (Aston University) and Dr Kate Gifford (Gerry & Johnson Optometrists, Queensland University of Technology); in a session that presented the key findings of the white papers and the implications for the eye care professions, followed by an in-depth panel discussion.


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The IMI Ambassador Program promotes IMI initiatives and membership across the globe, helping to make available the latest evidence based recommendations in myopia classifications, patient management, and research, in the form of the IMI White Papers.

The following clinicians are proud IMI Ambassadors, currently serving in their country or region.

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