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Angel Macedo Mariano



  • Optometra
  • Maestría


Angel Macedo Mariano obtained the degree of Optometrist at the Universidad Peruana Los Andes, followed by pursuing a career as a Medical Technologist at the same university. Mg Macedo holds a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration at the Universidad Federico Villareal, is a Fellow in Public Health from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, and studied Pediatric Optometry at the University Foundation of the Andean Area of ​​Colombia. He held the position of Delegate of the Governing Board of the World Council of Optometry WCO for Latin America, was delegate of the Latin American Association of Optometry and Optics ALDOO for Peru, and was a professor of Optometry at the Private Superior Institute of Optics and Optometry IESTPOO.

Mg Macedo currently holds the position of president of the Guild of Optometrists and Opticians of Peru GOOP, and is CEO of the Visage Kids Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic where he conducts his private practice specializing in Pediatric Optometry, Low Vision and Scleral Contact Lenses.

Mg Macedo is a member of the La Alborada Lima Lions Club, where he organizes and actively participates in Blindness Prevention Campaigns in sectors with vulnerable populations in Peru.

Mg Macedo has collaborated in the organization of multiple Optometry congresses in Peru, he is an international speaker giving conferences in different Latin and Central American countries.

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