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Maria Marta Galan



  • MD


Dr. Maria Marta Galan¬†trained in the Specialty of Pediatric Ophthalmography at the Santa Maria Ludovica Children’s Hospital in La Plata, eventually becoming the Head of the Hospital. Maria rotated at the Juan P. Garraham National Pediatric Hospital (Argentina), at the Ricardo Gutierrez Children’s Hospital in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and at the Kosair Children’s Hospital in Kentuky (USA) as Visiting Professor.

Maria has always been dedicated to clinical-surgical care, as well as to research in Pediatric Ophthalmography in the public and private sectors, especially dedicated to treatment and education for the prevention of retinopathy of prematurity in our country and Latinamerica. In teaching, Maria has worked as an Ophthalmopediatric Instructor in various Ophthalmology Residences in the Province of Buenos Aires, and is the author of Neonatal Ophthalmology.

Since 2015, Maria as been dedicated to the study of myopia in childhood and its new preventive treatment strategies. Maria has lectured on myopia at numerous scientific events and published articles on myopia, devoting special attention to disseminating the management of myopia among paediatric physicians, paediatric ophthalmologists, and patients’ families.

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