Argentinian Ambassador María Marta Galána and her team honoured by the Argentinian Council of Ophthalmology with best scientific achievement of 2022

June 1, 2023


Argentinian Ambassador María Marta Galána and her team have been honoured by the Argentinian Council of Ophthalmology with a prestigious award, recognizing the best scientific achievement of 2022.

Galána’s team, known as the Myopia Study Group of the Argentine Society of Pediatric Ophthalmology, embarked on an extensive research project to establish a consensus on the management of progressive school-age myopia. Their work aimed to develop comprehensive guidelines for the diagnosis, follow-up, prevention, and treatment of myopia during the critical stages of progression.

To accomplish this, the team evaluated existing scientific evidence and formulated a detailed questionnaire in August and September of 2021. The questionnaire was then distributed electronically to 40 experts across Argentina. The responses were analyzed in a masked manner, with consensus determined when at least 80% of the experts agreed on a particular question.

The team successfully achieved consensus on crucial aspects of myopia management, including the inclusion of behavioural and environmental history in clinical records, regular follow-up visits, and the use of pharmacological treatments such as atropine. They also highlighted the significance of complementary examinations in specific cases, such as early onset, high myopia, and signs of fundus atrophy.

The Argentinian Council of Ophthalmology recognized the team’s exceptional work, which promises to greatly enhance the understanding and management of progressive myopia. Galána and her colleagues have made invaluable contributions to the field, furthering the advancement of ophthalmology and improving the lives of individuals affected by myopia.

The reference for their publication is: Oftalmología Clínica y Experimental ● ISSNe 2718-7446 ● Volumen 15 ● Número 2 ● Junio 2022 ● Download Paper

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