IMI Early Career Award Winners

September 15, 2022

The International Myopia Institute are pleased to announce the winners of the IMI Early Career Awards for Best Poster and Best Paper at the 2022 International Myopia Conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Best Poster

Congratulations to Best Poster winner, Gareth Lingham, from Technological University Dublin, for his poster described in “Myopic progression in anisometropic and isometropic eyes: findings from electronic health record data”, page 31.

Gareth is an orthoptist and a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland. He has interests in myopia risk factors and treatments and ophthalmic epidemiology.

Best Paper

Congratulations to Best Paper winner, Emilie van der Sande, from Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam for her paper “Atropine reduces axial elongation in a mouse model of syndromic myopia without altering retinal dopaminergic activity“.

Emilie van der Sande is a PhD student in the group of Prof. dr. Caroline Klaver and studying genes and environmental factors in the development of myopia using mouse models.

IMI Program Director Dr Nina Tahhan (L) with IMI Best Paper Winner Emilie Van Der Sande.
IMI Program Director Dr Nina Tahhan (L) with IMI Best Poster Winner Gareth Lingham.
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