LOSING SIGHT: Inside the Myopia Epidemic Private Screening

October 20, 2022

A new public awareness film on myopia, Losing Sight – Inside the Myopia Epidemic, created by acclaimed filmmaker Jane Weiner, will be made available to stream online from 30 October to 16 November 2022, with three live panel discussions occurring on 3 November.

Having watched the 25-minute work-in-progress film excerpt, audience members will be asked to submit questions and feedback and attend one of three live panel discussions hosted by a moderator, 2-3 myopia experts and Ms Weiner.

Losing Sight brings into focus a detailed account of how myopia, particularly childhood myopia, which presents risk of ocular diseases such as cataracts, retinal detachments, glaucoma, and macular myopathies later in life, can now be treated with therapies that slow eye elongation.

For more information and to register, visit:


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