Update and Guidance on Management of Myopia ticks over 30,000 views

December 7, 2022

IMI is pleased to report that our publication developed in cooperation with the European Society of Ophthalmology, ‘Update and Guidance on Myopia Management‘ has been accessed 31,141 times, and has already been cited in 55 articles since publication in the European Journal of Ophthalmology.

The European Society of Ophthalmology are also pleased to announce the publication of a new article on “The impact of the pandemic highlights the urgent need for myopia guidelines: The clinicians’ role” as an open access Editorial in European Journal of Ophthalmology, along with a supplementary annexure providing examples from around the world.

On the development of the article, co-author Prof. Janos Nemeth (Department of Ophthalmology, Semmelweis University), says this article was developed “due to the significant increase in the number of articles published about myopia, which, in general, are not matched with information and discussion about the roles and responsibilities of eye specialists and clinicians in the prevention of myopia.”

“…this aspect is critical because preventing the onset and progression of myopia necessitates extensive health promotion and advocacy efforts among decision-makers. Only broad medical expert collaboration can bring about the necessary changes in children’s lifestyles and education. This article discusses clinicians’ critical roles in preventing the onset and progression of myopia.”

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