Why Nearsightedness is on the Rise in Children

May 10, 2021

Look and you shall see, writes Jane Brody of the New York Times. A generation of the real-life nearsighted Mr. Magoos is growing up before your eyes. A largely unrecognized epidemic of nearsightedness, or myopia, is afflicting the eyes of children. 

Following IMI Chair Professor Caroline Klaver’s JAMA Ophthalmology article declaring “2020 as the Year of Quarantine Myopia”, a New York Times article has detailed recent studies concerning the growing prevalence of myopia in children impacted by increased indoors time and Covid-19 lockdown measures.

  • To read the full article, click here.
  • To read the Canadian national survey into the impact of COVID-19 on movement and play behaviours of children, click here.
  • Click here for Wang et al’s study into myopia progression in Chinese school-aged children after COVID-19 home confinement.


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