Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia WA Masterclass

Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia WA Masterclass

March 7, 2021
- 4:00pm
Fremantle Esplanade Hotel
Why talk about Dry Eye, Myopia and Toric RGPs?

Three seemingly unrelated fields are becoming ever more intertwined in our everyday patient management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding myopia control is important, but having an arsenal of treatment options to control it, is just as necessary.
  • Understanding toric RGPs is a necessary step in understanding how to fit OrthoK.
  • In order to maximise success with any form of contact lenses, managing dry eye is becoming an ever more important part of proper patient care. Even if you are not active in contact lenses, dry eye management is becoming an increasingly important cornerstone of optometric and ophthalmological care.

As a Cornea & Contact Lens Society, we cover all the bases.

Presentations and Workshop topics have been chosen based on feedback from recent graduates and experienced practitioners alike, who are seeking educational topics relating to general and speciality contact lenses, dry eye and myopia control.

  • Monica Jong will share the latest developments in myopia management.
  • Sam Lee will present the latest data from the WATOM study and discuss the ramifications.
  • Art Epstein will join us virtually from Arizona USA, for Part II of his Dry Eye Masterclass. Part 1 was very well received in our 2020 CV19 Masterclass Webinar.

The event will also feature interactive workshops; one on fitting toric RGPs with live fitting on a real patient and another on dry eye and the ocular surface. There will also be briefings and updates from our sponsors.

Masterclass Perth will be an informative event primarily focused on delivering information for those who aspire to develop speciality skills but don’t know where to start.

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