IMI at the 2021 Pan American Congress of Optometry

January 24, 2022

The Pan American Congress of Optometry held on 25-27th November attracted over 400 eyecare practitioners across Mexico, Central and South America attending in person.

Our Colombia ambassador Dr Luisa Casas Luque presented the challenges faced by optometrists in managing myopia and receiving positive responses to her presentation. The attendees were eager to get their hand on the IMI Myopia Facts & Findings Infographics.

Dr Casas Luque, an academic peer for the Ministry of Education and Colombia, said “I was delighted to make the eyecare practitioners become aware of the various evidence-based myopia control options they can adapt for their myopia patients, it is never too late to start practicing myopia management and the time to act is now.”

IMI is privileged to have the support from our ambassadors in reaching out to the wider community of eye care practitioners to improve the myopia management practice.

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