IMI Turkey Ambassador Dr Emrah Altiparmak at Alcon Excellence Academy 2021

January 11, 2022

Our Turkish ambassador, Dr Emrah Altiparmak was invited to present at the Alcon Excellence Academy that took place on the 19th of December in Ankara, Turkey. The event attracted over 100 ophthalmologists to attend in person and Dr Altiparmak’s talk on myopia and its impact aroused a great interest in the audience and it is anticipated that he will be presenting in other Turkish cities soon!

Dr Altiparmak who practices at Ankara Acibadem Hospital said, “I received great feedback from the attending ophthalmologists; more than two-thirds of the ophthalmology residents in Ankara attended the conference. They are interested to know more about myopia, its impact and the evidence-based approaches in managing this progressive ocular disease. IMI website is an excellent resource page for me to direct them to look for in-depth knowledge in this field. I am also looking forward to presenting in other Turkish cities on the topic of myopia impact and its management.”

IMI is looking forward to growing our myopia enthusiast community with our ambassadors.

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