Starting with a World Health Organization (WHO) global scientific meeting on myopia at BHVI, Sydney in 2015,  the International Myopia Institute was then formed to continue the efforts of the meeting and address the challenges of myopia and high myopia.

Full research papers and translated clinical summaries are available below.

Commemorative Issue

Collective issue of the IMI White Papers is available for download.

Translation and Support

We would like to acknowledge the translators and support staff who have helped to further disseminate the IMI white paper findings around the world in the following languages:

Spanish  | Dr Luisa Cassaluqe OD PhD, BHVI Sydney.
French | Professor Arnaud Sauer PhD, MD, FEBO, Senior Registrar, Department of Ophthalmology, Strasbourg University Hospital, France Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, Strasbourg University, France Head of the Grand Est Orthoptics’ School, Strasbourg University France. Dr Ornella Koumbo  OD PhD, BHVI Sydney.
Chinese | Nicole Xiao Liu MOptom PhD Candidate, BHVI Sydney
Nepalese | Dr Safal Khanal OD PhD, SOVS, University of Auckland, NZ
Vietnamese | Anh Quyen Bui, Quang Vu Duong, Thu Huong Ha, Thu Huong Ha, Trang Tran, Nhat Hoang Nguyen, Thuy Nguyen, Thu Pham, Thanh Nam Tong, Thanh Nam Tong, Undergraduate optom students. Dr Minh Anh Tran, OD, Optometry Department, Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam.
Dutch | Gabi Steenbekkers BOptom, Myopia Management Specialist at Procornea Nederland/ CooperVision Specialty Eyecare Division
Japanese | 吉岡奈由太 Dr Nayuta Yoshioka BOptom, FAAO, PhD Lecturer, School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney.
Swedish | Lovisa Fagerlund, Optometrist, MSc, FBCLA. Support from Karim Makdoumi, Ophthalmologist, MD, PhD.
Portuguese | Professor Edson Santos-Neto, MD, PhD, Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo, Brazil.
Hebrew | Oded Zvibach BOptom, Optometrist, Professional Services Manager and Training, Crystal Optic Industries, Israel.
Russian | Professor Alexander Myagkov and team, Director of the Russian Academy of Medical Optics and Optometry, C уважением, Мягков Александр Владимирович, профессор, д.м.н. директор НОЧУ ДПО “Академия медицинской оптики и оптометрии.
Russian | Professor Irina Smirnova Yuryevna, MD, PhD, Director of the Siberian Paediatric Ophthalmological Society, С уважением, СЦПЛБ “Глазка” директор центра врач-офтальмолог к.м.н. Смирнова Ирина Юрьевна.
Russian | Olga Prenat, Global Director of Education and Professional Relations, Global Marketing, Essilor International and team.
Italian | Maria Giulia Muzzi, Dip. Optom, FAAO, Occhio x Occhio, Ferrara, Italy. Reviewer: Montani Giancarlo, Dip. Optom, FIACLE, FBCLA, Corso di Ottica e Optometria, Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica “Ennio De Giorgi”, Università del Salento, Monopoli, Italy.
German | Peter Wagner BOptom, BHVI Sydney.
Turkish | Uğur Emrah Altıparmak, Professor of Ophthalmology, MD, FICO, Acıbadem Ankara Hospital, Eye Clinic.
Greek | Sotiris Plainis, PhD, MSc, FBCLA, Research Fellow, Institute of Vision and Optics, Honourary Lecturer, University of Manchester (School of Life Sciences), Research Fellow, Aston University. Eleni Poulere, OD, MSc, Scientific Assistant,, Heraklion, Greece.

Supported by the International Myopia Institute.

The publication costs of the International Myopia Institute reports were supported by donations from the Brien Holden Vision Institute, Carl Zeiss Vision, CooperVision, Essilor, Alcon, and Vision Impact Institute.

Disclosure: S. Resnikoff, Brien Holden Vision Institute (C); J.B. Jonas,P;D. Friedman, None; M. He, None; M. Jong, None; J.J.Nichols, None; K. Ohno-Matsui, Novartis (F), Bayer (F), Santen (F), Senju (F); E.L. Smith III, Brien Holden Vision Institute (F), Tree House Eyes (C), SightGlass Vision (C), P; C.F. Wildsoet,P; H.R. Taylor, None; J.S. Wolffsohn, Alcon (F), Allergan (F), Aston EyeTech (F), Bausch & Lomb (F), BetterVision Ltd (F), Cooper-Vision (F, C), Eaglet Eye (F), European Union (F), Eyebag (F), EMPharma (F), EyeDocs (F), Gelflex (F), Innovate UK (F), Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (F, C, R), Lenstec (F), Medmont (F), Rayner (F), Tearlab (F), Th´ea (F), Optimec (F), Visioncare Research (F, C), Aston EyeTech (I), Atiya Vision (C), British Contact LensAssociation (C), University of Houston (C), Shire (C), Santen (C, R), RB (C), Santen (R), P; T.Y. Wong, Allergan (C), Bayer (C), Genentech (C), Novartis (C), Roche (C)

Advancing myopia research and education, to prevent future blindness
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